Welcome to Careerstepper

Career stepper is foot print on internet of virtual hr solutions. Virtual hr solutions is a partnership firm and we partners are enguaged in direct recruitment services since 2014  having its office in kolkata  is a well known job & career consultancy organization , with more than 10,000 canidates showing there trust  in these last five years to help them win a work ,from professional  advancement & skill building to finding a suitable job .

Various companies & industries use & rely on us  to attract and hire  workforce. Virtual hr solutions is instrumental in  helpiing  various small , medium  to large size compnies , factories , buisnesses distribute job & workforce posting affordabily. As a consequence of our efforts in the job recruitment market we are thriving across pan – india today. We build career & build organisation.


Our Mission

We are a leading staffing solution company with the objective  to empower  people with knowledge & insight through perfect job & career information. With the one of the highest quality index of job listing , we enable people to find a great job & perfect career, & various companies/ organizations / institutions get superior canidate &  brillant labour market insight. Being deeply rooted at the intersction of these three factors , we are definetly trying to transform the  job market.

At virtual hr solutions we belive the 3e ( employment , employability,&  ease of doing buisness) oppurtunity model is the foundation for our sustainable growth of economy  . We have aligned our strategies  to capitalize on the oppurtunities rising around these fundamentals.